UI/UX Designer, &
    Front-End Developer

    An experienced UI UX Designer in Mumbai. I enjoy crafting user experiences for websites & mobile. To learn more about how I approach and solve UX UI problems, take a look at a few of my recent projects.


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Sanaullah Khan

I've got more than 8 years of experience in digital products, hundreds of websites developed.

I'm Sanaullah Khan, Front-End Developer, & UI/UX Designer based in Mumbai and my focus is on creating user interfaces for Websites, Graphic Designs, Apps and many more. I love to create clean, simple and useful designs that solves people problems. I like to work with people who are passionate about their job, who cares about their own products and their users.

I work remotely from Home, Coffee shops, Office or any place as long as I have an Internet connection and a peaceful environment without too much distractions. I accept every project that comes to me and dedicate them extraordinary attention.

The hunger to learn more and do better has helped me stay out of the box and fresh. I love admiring beautiful art and try to infuse my learnings into beautiful & intelligence looking identities. Every single visual design task, either for a website or Mobile, challenges me to do distinct, user friendly, modern and stay aligned to the user experience phenomenon.


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